“An Administrator/Coordinator is Needed to Guide the Information Sharing Process and the Gathering of Contact's Names”

Constant                   Concentric 

             Contact                       Circles       of 

                  Consciousness               Concern 

1. Small Group Bible Classes
2. Worship Service
3. Information Desk
4. Just Be A Friend
5. Concentric Circles of Concern
6. Family
7. Friends
8. Work/School Associates
9. New Comers into the Community
10. Community Surveys
11. Special Events in the Community
12. Special Services at the Church Building
13. Bulk Mailings
14. Age-Graded Ministries to the Families in the Community (children, youth, parents, senior adults)
15. Involvement in the Church’s Community through Civic/Social Services
16. CONTACT info gathered from carrying out ministry/missions in the community.
17. As with every CONTACT, follow the Lines of Relations of each Person to find MORE CONTACTS……”Just Be A Friend/Concentric Circles of Concern”
18. This person should be the coordinator &/or clearing house for all contact information.
19. This person would work with all OUTREACH ministry teams to coordinate the types of contacts to be made to prospects. (i.e. visits, phone calls, cards, texts, emails, invites etc)
20. The contact information could be:
      a. A cardex
      b. Hand written sheets
      c. Computer printouts
21. Whatever the form of keeping information; the information  must be coordinated, delegated, carried out in OutReach, & the fresh info recorded for future contacts.
22. W/O a coordinator, W/O contacts & W/O working the contacts, the OutReach ministry is doomed to die.

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