Repentance that brings remission of sin is our change of decision, of purpose and of the direction of our walk through life. It is not just to say to God, "I am sorry" as a remorse for our actions and their consequences, but also includes a true change of our walk.

We turn from our sin to God. Repentance is an about face from our self centered direction in life that leads to sin … to … God and following Him through Jesus Christ and the Scriptures and a Prayer Life and Growing and Fellowshipping with other Christians within the Corporate Body of the Church.

Repentance becomes outward evidence of our inward faith. 

(Mark 1:14 - 15; Luke 13: 3, 24: 45-48; Acts 20: 17-24; 1 John 1: 9; Revelation 3:19 - 22)

PSALM 51             "PRAYER OF REPENTANCE”                     (2 Samuel 11-12: 1 - 14)
By the mercy and compassion of God alone, we have and will have the forgiveness of sin. V.1

A pure heart is created by God alone. V.10

A firm spirit is made by God alone. V.10

When we sin, we lose the joy of our salvation, not salvation or forgiveness. V.12

Only with a pure heart and a firm spirit, v.10 is it possible to teach unbelievers the way of the Lord.

"The sacrifices of God are the broken spirit. To the contrite and humbled heart you do not despise, O God. "V.17

Do we have a pure heart if we have a Biblical misunderstanding because of tradition?
Yes ____   or  No ____   Ephesians 2:8-9; Hebrews 11:1, 6; John 1:12 - 13; 14: 6

Does God accept our rite or religion (actions of good deeds) if we do not have a pure heart?
Yes ____          or            No ____    James 1:27

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