The beginning of a growth movement of the Church through community Out Reach Groups begins with praying, talking and thinking about what God wants you to do with respect to where, with whom and to what extent.

Where does God want us to start a new Out Reach Group; a new house group?
How do we know it is the will of God? 

Those questions are good because they reveal a desire to know the will of God in the first place. Many times the answers depend on the persons asking the questions. By their training, experience and relationship to others around the same subject, the answers may differ.

It is possible to answer them in several good ways. But God wants the answer to be the best. With that said, the best answers depend on the person asking the questions. Because it is through that person that God wants to do his work of evangelism and discipleship. Of course, there are the guidelines of Scripture, your experiences, your training and your relationships that shape this entire ministry of planting the church throughout the community through house groups or Out Reach Groups.

The following are suggestions for finding the best:
1. With much prayer within the Body of Christ. 
2. The Pastor and other Church Leaders encourage and lead the Church to be supportive of the community Out Reach Groups (house groups).
3. Talking/chatting/discussing with many people to get their thoughts and desires.
4. Putting a lot of thought (wisdom) into the decision.
5. Church members commit to seeking opportunities to lead and/or host ORG’s.
6. Church members commit to supporting by participating when possible in the ORG’s.
7. Everyone has an open heart to grow.
8. The Just Be A Friend Prayer/Discipleship/Evangelism cards (page 7) are utilized. 
9. Church leaders/members focus on individuals listed on their cards to begin the task of initiating the thoughts and conversations to open ORG’s throughout the community.
10. New converts are discipled and equipped weekly through the ORG’s.
11. They are weekly encouraged to attend Sunday morning small groups and or the worship service.
12.They are not made to feel guilty for not attending; but are weekly encouraged through these invitations and through the ORG’s. 
13. Baptism can take place anywhere anytime. The church is encouraged to witness the event.
14. Several Bible study materials are available. The study material should be that which is adequate for the particular group. Storying should be used for the illiterate or semi. Participative study should be used for the same and/or those who resist being out spoken to encourage them to be involved. The inductive study method is great for those who willingly participate to semi. It also helps with proactive involvement in study during the week. It helps to develop a dependency on the Holy Spirit and encourages leadership growth.
15. Materials will consistently be made available through the web site These will intentionally be short and concise with the main points explained. They will be added to the site on a monthly basis.
16. Other materials are available online and the LifeWay book stores.
17. The best answer is that as the church works and prays together throughout all it’s ministries; and as all who would actively participate in Just Be A Friend.Out Reach Groups focus on individuals who need Christ; these group opportunities will materialize.
18. ORG leaders are accountable to the Pastor/Leaders at all times.
19. ORG leaders and participants are encouraged to weekly witness and share with their acquaintances what was discussed in the previous ORG and to try to bring someone with them next time.
20. We all understand that the following prayer is wonderful, but our ministry to the community doesn't stop with this prayer: “We pray that they may see You through us and that they may have a desire to come out to Your House to learn more about You and be able to come to the altar for salvation.” The purpose for a church to have community Out Reach Groups is to see the following: “We pray that they may see You through us and that they may have a desire to learn more about You and be able to be saved.” The lost person’s ability and desire to learn more about Jesus and be saved should not hinge on their being expected or required to enter a church building. The CHURCH should exit the building and carry  1 Timothy 2:4, “who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” to the lost and hurting in our communities. If we take Thanksgiving boxes to those in need in our communities, we don't just invite them to church but we ask for the opportunity to go back to their house to sit down and discuss then Bible. 

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