What does the BOX represent? 1. The way we have always done it before. 2. Tradition. 3. The four walls of the physical church building. 4. The property lines of the physical church location. 5. Limitations.

What are the KEYS to having a church wide outreach ministry?? 
Another words: Getting Your Church Out of the BOX!!!!!!!!!!! 
1. The pastor’s support and promotion of the ministry.
2. As many people involved as possible from the church’s membership from the ground work up including youth and adults who are willing and/or interested.
3. Recognizing that the laity is the MOST POWERFUL OUTREACH TOOL.
4. Reaching out to others becomes a way of life. Outreach becomes a lifestyle.
5. The first five (5) minutes makes all the difference in the world for new visitors. 
6. First Impressions (exterior facilities, signs, parking, entrances, initial contacts)

 • Entering the building (greeting, printed material, direction signs, interior facilities, informal conversations)

 • Visiting an adult education class (first impressions, facilities, welcome, lesson, and friendliness)

 • Attending the worship service (first impressions, sanctuary, welcome, involvement, bulletin/program, service components, visitor friendliness, transitions, and pace)

 • Following the service (informal conversations, coffee time)

 • Other impressions (child care, church programming, restrooms, fellowship area)
8. With any activity, be it a Sunday morning worship service, a VBS, a special singing event, a cook out, a Sunday School class or social, to an event in the community; the director of the outreach ministry should always be encouraging his leadership to keep contacts and to follow up on those contacts.
9. Sunday School should be the #1 ministry organization through which the church wide outreach ministry is carried out. A church should have an organized Sunday School in place before beginning the community outreach. Every class has leadership in place for ministry and outreach.
10. Bathed in Prayer!! 

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